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Random Reviews

This SHOULD a children's book! The need for acceptance for all of the Goddess's children should be taught in all schools, churches, mosques, and synagogues. The hatred of someone different needs to stop before humankind becomes just another extinct creature. I think Pagans and Wicca have tolerance as a basic principle, so I omitted them. Blessed Be.
The Blue Unicorn: An Allegorical Tale
Hi Nikki, I liked your story so far. I read the reviews from Erin and she is right on the money. Let's see what you can do in the next installaton. Archie
Billie And The Bordello
"Very Good" Story CJ, I really liked it, well written, hope you make this Carnival story into a Trilogy.
Carnival II
It's such a pleasure to find a story like Tigger's elegantly-crafted "Change of Orders." I found the characters to be highly detailed and emminently believable . . . folks you could truly care about. The fast-paced, literate story line captured me with the very first paragraph and held me enthralled until the very last line. This is a genuine "story" wherein the transgender elements(very nicely written elements, I might add ;) serve to compliment and advance the plot, rather than over-riding it. Not an easy feat for a writer to accomplish, but one that Tigger performs with apparent ease. This one goes on my bookmark list as a genuine *MUST READ*.
A Change of Orders
this story is just as nice as the other stories ive read written by you vicky. but im disapointed that i could see the end a mile away and there lies the problem. hardly ever does the male character not accept his fate. and it allways ends hapily ever after its becoming stale its the same reason ive gone of the ladd series everyone is allways happy acepts the changes and there is no backlash .im not asking for the stories to end in doom and gloom. what im asking for is a less repetitive ending i mean it would have been cooler if berry hadnt accepted haleys reasons for feminising him and left her to build a life of her own the story could have spawned of in one of many different directions but unfortunatly here its not the case. like i said i liked the story it is a good read but its getting to rigid in structure, very predictable. anyway thanks for a good read....

FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

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