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Random Reviews

We whine, we moan, we wrestle with the rejection wondering if anyone will accept us for who we are. Our sister has it all, looks, beauty, brains. Everyone loves her as Miss Overachiever. And we are stuck as Jerry. Trapped in one of your stories with the characters is good and bad. We experience their pain and their joy. But in the end there is always that delicious ah hah. Thank you for sharing your writing talents.
Not My Sister's Shadow
After being what some consider unduly critical of this author's previous work, I really wanted to like this story, I really did. And to be entirely fair, this does reflect a good deal of improvement from the other stories. But... There's still the stilted dialogue, that bears little or no resemblance to how normal people speak in their day-to-day lives. That makes it hard to read. There is a nagging repetitiveness... I gave up the fourth or fifth time I saw "girl-shit" in dialogue. The author can't make up his mind whether he wants to tell a story, or rant against some aspect of "political correctness" that happened to bother him that day. Do one or the other, but until you learn how to write and be subtle, this does nothing but detract from your story. I could go on, but it would be the equivalent of "piling on". Keep trying, and it would help if you'd take some of the constructive criticism offered in these reviews to heart in your *next* story.
The Witness Protection Plan With A TG Twist
Bashful, this is the best story you've ever written. The combination of Pam's acceptance of her new sex with humor makes this a landmark story right to the last sentence. While I have enjoyed your works in the past, this story represents a new milestone for you. A plus.
ToothFairy.net: Why I Hate My Little Brother
This is agood fast moving story.I like stories that have them husbands and wives realy caring for each other and not trying to hurt each other. In this story the husband, Christopher is a shit but Emile more that compensates for him. The end of the story has them both deeply in love and plannig on a long loving life together. Keep on writting great stories like this. Love Annie XXXOOOXXX
Life on the Other Side of the Skirt
keep em comin' hun... Loved it
Molly Starts To Dress

FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

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